Claudia Ciarpella

Country: Italy
Area of Expertise: Product / Industrial Design

Claudia fostered her interest in design while studying Industrial Design at the University of Camerino (Italy), where for the first time she asked herself which kind of designer she would like to be.

Interested in learning different design skills, Claudia trained herself through several offices across Italy, Austria and Denmark – experiencing experimental and business oriented approaches, mainly focusing on projects related to furniture, public spaces, music and toys. In the meantime, she started her own business and co-founded the Heyteam Collective.

Being aware that products are often not the right answer to people needs, Claudia has decided to look at people´s behaviuor and interaction design. This is the reason way she´s now landing in Copenhagen to attend CIID where she expects to know more about People Centered Design and where she can´t wait to learn how to create satisfying experiences and appealing services.

Besides CIID, Claudia´s plan for 2014 is to continue cultivating her hobbies like learning Danish and radio speaking, together with growing her passion for photography by collecting pictures of shop’s facades.