Arunima Singh

Country: India
Area of Expertise: Photography & Videography

Arunima Singh is a documentary photographer and designer. After pursuing her masters in photography from the National Institute of Design, she co-founded Lucida, a photographer’s collective. Lucida endeavors to influence photographic thinking through a design-oriented approach to photography services. She specialises in photography, videography, and interactive design and has worked for a range of clients such as museums, magazines, academic institutions and non-profit organisations amongst others.

Arunima also pursued a graduate program in Development Communication. She specialised in media portrayal of issues pertaining to societal complexities. Through her photography practice she attempts to deconstruct the factual description by producing work with visual narratives that are layered and multi-dimensional; photography is a therapeutic experience for her and she perceives photography as a form of constructed documentation.

A feminist by heart, Arunima loves to read about women’s rights, culture, and psychology. She loves traveling and knowing about different cultures.

At CIID, she wishes to generate context specific & technology centric solutions, to engender lasting social impact. She is keen on challenging her existing paradigms and developing new perspectives of using digital technology that can be incorporated in design projects. She believes technology should be user friendly and should be agnostic to socio-economic divisions.