Anders Stougaard Erlendsson

Country: Denmark
Area of Expertise: Engineering, Interaction Design

As long as Anders can remember, he has had an urge to create, build and explore things. He plays various instruments, composes and records music – and his passion for combining different technologies and genres in his work is properly a result of this.

Anders graduated with a Bachelor of Science in engineering in Design and innovation at DTU, an education focusing on designing solutions for various problems conducted through fieldwork. Basic insight in material properties and manufacturing, sociological fieldwork methods, computing and industrial design makes him a natural link between different professions in design teams.

Over the last six months Anders has been working as an intern at YOKE, designing and building interactive exhibitions and installations for the future Esrum Kloster Museum, DAC, TEDx etc.

In his spare time he is, besides playing music, a part of different startup projects designing kitchenware, making applications for the iPhone and participating in different startup competitions.