“The spaces we own aren’t just spaces. They’re playgrounds, they’re living innovation labs where anything can happen — and should happen.” -Tiger

The mandate for our two week exploration was to communicate the company message to buyers by promoting feelings of happiness, playfulness, amusement, and delight.

We began by conducting interviews on the topic of happiness, gathering insights about consumer needs and desires. After coming up with several concepts influenced by the week’s interviews, we developed some concepts into prototypes around which we could engage in conversation with people at the Tiger Stores.

Based on these findings we discovered an opportunity area, where we could more clearly communicate the company message and strengthen the engagement between people and the Tiger products. This became the basis of our final design challenge:

How might we add value to the product line by showcasing items’ alternative uses; elevating items as more than objects given greater context?

Drawing on DIY and hacker culture we created the TIGERZine. The concept was to create a maker magazine where customers can contribute and share project ideas built by repurposing TIGER products. The magazine showcases submitted projects and details step by step making procedures. Customers are introduced to new ways of looking at products; seeing them as possible materials within larger projects instead of one off purchases.