During the last two days of the one week class we worked on interactions inside the car of the future and explored what could be achieved through haptic feedback.

Keeping in mind that cars will probably be self-driving we thought of the passenger needs and designed ‘Hygge’, a seat belt for pregnant women. Hygge responds to the speed of the car. If the vehicle goes too fast it gets tighter to the body of the passenger.

Since pregnant women talk to their unborn babies and make them listen to music on regular basis, we wanted Hygge to play subtle sounds when touched. When the mum-to-be wearing Hygge wants her baby to listen to music all she has to do is caress her belly.

The Music and Motors class was a good attempt to envision future scenarios for cars and, most importantly, it gave us an opportunity to experiment with actuators such as planks and sliders, learn about a new board, Teensy, and familiarise ourselves with music synthesisers.