Mood vs Medium


In our information design course we were challenged to compare the different communication channels we use in terms of perceived closeness and intimacy in synchronous and asynchronous communication.


During the week we worked on many small assignments where we redesigned some instructional graphics, which strengthened our understanding on how we read information in different media. These small assignments helped me visualize information and organize content.

I started analyzing how my mood was influencing my choice of medium. This led me to realize that it didn’t really matter what medium I chose when I was happy but when I was angry I chose to write to people to avoid endless back and forth communication. My analysis also highlighted that when I was content or happy, expressing my feelings with fewer words was enough for me but when I was angry my thoughts were rambling and expressed in my long emails.

While introspecting it became more evident to me that I chose email to express my anger because of the seriousness of the medium while it didn’t matter what medium I chose to express my other moods.