Pass It On

“Pass on” is a Facebook built in app that allows you to create your own team and perform a physical activity together. Choose the members of your team, the activity (walking, running, hiking, cycling, kayaking), the intensity and you’ll be given a goal and a period of time to complete your task. The distance to cover and number of days will be automatically calculated by the app and it’ll depend on how many people are in your team and the level you have chosen.

Once you start the task “Pass on” will automatically recognise the kind of activity and track the distance you go through. The app will sum up your distance to the ones your team-mates cover with no need of being in the same place at the same time. When your team reaches the goal your mileage and time will be visualised and all your Facebook friends will be able to see it. At this point you can pass the task on to somebody else you choose.