Fish or Die

Fish or Die is a mobile app which allows amateurs to discover fishing opportunities by providing them information about lakes and the types of fish in those lakes.

The concept is inspired by amateur fishers who are passionate about the activity but often do not know where to start, as relevant information is scattered across various apps, books and websites which makes it difficult for them to acquire concise information immediately. Inspired by the fishing spirit of yesteryears, we created the graphics for Fish or Die in the old school style.

Utilizing the date, time and user’s location, the app reorganizes the list of possible fishing lakes by distance and the types of fish available to catch by season. It also provides directions to the lakes and various amenities available at the lake.

To allow them to plan their fishing trips in advance, Fish or Die also provides information about the bait required and tips for catching fish. People using the app are also able to learn about the different fish available at different times of the year through exploration of the app.

During this one week project, we learned designing of graphical user interfaces for mobile platforms by using industry standards for tables, list etc. The app has a flat information structure which people can navigate directly from one primary category to another because all primary categories are accessible from the main screen.