Explosion, Attention Seeker

Data comes in several formats – structured (such as numeric data in traditional databases), unstructured (text documents, email, video, audio etc). All these formats contribute to complex world we live in. With the widespread availability of data, it has become necessary for us to connect and correlate our relation to information, computing and their representation.

The Generative Design course investigated the possibility of developing software that can be used to design computer simulations and artificial behaviour modeling by giving them characters, traits and actions. We were asked to combine web-based sensor data with psychological traits.

For our final exploration, we chose Blood Glucose level data from diabetic patients and gave it true exuberant psychological behaviour. We maintained the graphical quality of the work to be simple and yet informative.

The second exploration made temperature data appear attention seeking. 

This was our first exposure to javascript as a design tool. We learnt the basics of javascript and designed the sensors using paper.js library. Some of our key learnings were during the classroom assignments, which helped us to efficiently carry out our final exploration.

In order to achieve simple visual representations, we paid more attention to the Javascript program. However, in retrospect we could have avoided the literal representation of the data type and psychological traits.