Imaging in 3 Dimensions

Working on the brief “make the invisible visible ”, we explored the process of capturing photographic data in 3 dimensions. We were inspired to think of creative ways of imaging and filmmaking and at the same time exploring the various techniques in which technology could help us achieve that.

We started the experiment by mounting a Microsoft Kinect and a DSLR Camera on a tripod using a laser cut mount. Further we used the RGBDToolkit to augment high definition video stream with 3D scan data from the Microsoft Kinect. It enabled us to  calibrate the DLSR Camera to the depth sensor, allowing their data streams to be merged. Further using a visualization application we combined the footage and applied different 3D rendering styles. The output was visually interesting since we were able to capture a phenomenon of the real world on the screen.

The final video was a combination of the render data retrieved from RGBD Toolkit.