Elastic Experiments

Fascinated by the brief “make the invisible visible” we further explored on how to enhance the illusion of depth in an image by using stereoscopic imaging techniques. We used two high definition web cameras mounted on a bike helmet which captured the video footage as the user walked on while wearing it. The incoming 2 dimensional video footage was later combined to give the perception of 3D depth.

Later on we focussed on the obscure idea of creating a glitch in the images we capture. For this purpose we hacked two disposable digital cameras for auto-triggering. This was achieved by replacing the shutter button of the camera by an Arduino which was programmed to take an image every 2 seconds. We concealed this contraption in a transparent box, attached with a fish string and tossed it in the harbour. Unfortunately we could not retrieve the images from the camera due to some error in the drivers of the disposable camera. We are still in the process of hacking the firmware to reveal our findings.

As the last experiment we went on to experiment phenomenon of “Persistence of Vision” owing to which we are able to see moving images on the screen. We created a light wand attached with an Arduino and programmed it to show texts in a split version, row by row. We then marked famous landmarks of Copenhagen. The scenes were captured using long exposure shots.