Early Experimentation

During the first two days of our workshop in Experimental Imaging, we explored using the camera as a tool to craft still and video photography. Since the course was about experimentation, we chose to focus on understanding the basics of photography and to raise our confidence using the medium.

Light Painting

Following the brief to “make the invisible visible”, we explored painting with light to make moving objects visible in dark. We took long exposures of projections on a wall and moved LEDs over the projections to create additional patterns. We also placed LEDs inside balloons and took long exposures as we inflated and burst the balloons. We learned about how light is captured by cameras and how to adjust exposure time.

Stop Motion Animation

On the second day, we created stop motion animations of humorous and mischievous interactions between fruit. We experimented with telling playful narratives and learned how to frame scenes and use Dragonframe, an animation software. If we were to reshoot the animations, we would refine the timing and build in more anticipation, easing, and time delays to make the animation more realistic.