We often jot down an idea, but then forget where and why we wrote it. Later when we stumble-upon these notes we have no clue of what we were thinking about while jotting them down. Ideate is an application to keep track of these quick notes, or “half ideas”, as well as combine and refine them into more flushed out concepts at a later time.

When someone has an idea, they can type a short description of the idea (160 characters or less) and then tag it with a photo or label. Ideate then generates a “memory stamp” to provide the note with context about when it was written including the location, date, calendar event and weather. At a later time, when the person using the app has more time to reflect, they can browse through recent ideas and choose to delete an idea, merge two ideas, or flush out an idea by adding longer text sections, more images, and links. Ideate also sends gentle reminders to prompt the user to reflect upon his half ideas.

Through this project we explored cross platform design strategies and animations of graphical user interfaces. We used paper prototyping for early explorations, Adobe Illustrator to design the layout, and keynote to animate the interactions.