In this one-week business & entrepreneurship course, we sought to identify a user group with an important unmet need in order to design a service with business value. We began with the question: How do designers learn?

Through a series of interviews and surveys, we gained insights into the learning styles of designers:

1) Focus of learning changes from hard skills to soft skills over the course of their careers; and 2) Most designers prefer to learn from others

This allowed us to pivot towards design mentorship. Further interviews focused on designers’ struggles – which were highly varied and coped through self improvement and seeking advice from others.

Our final business model is centered on a service platform connecting designers with experienced designers. Devisor provides a win-win situation where designers can benefit from great advice dished out from experts of their choice, whereas experienced designers can make an income and get a sense of giving back to the community

We envision the service to leverage on the vast resources within the design community. Devisor can be developed in partnership with key design associations and conferences and marketed mainly on design blogs and designer blogs.