Paper Factory

In this 3-day project we put forward the critical design tension between the usage of paper as a mediator and medium within the design profession.

Within the Paper Factory the attributes of paper are not used to compose a soundscape.  Rather, it is used as a mediation in the whole system – from value creation to idea decomposition.

We set up a complete infrastructure including a printer, shredder, HD webcam, contact microphones and a number of different softwares to recreate a hypothetical network symbolising the journey of paper in the design process. Using Pure Data we analysed the colour of each sheet of paper. This data was then sent to Ableton as MIDI notes, giving each colour a specific note. These notes were played as the drone.

Contact microphones were placed on the printer which as well as on the metal base that the shredded paper hit as it fell.This whole process is then logged and looped as a sound composition in the space to mediate the message .