Anticipation through sound and paper

Our idea was to explore the potential of the sound through paper. We chose cardboard as physical material to capture the sound along with different weights of balls to enhance the sounds and get input that could be further modulated through a software.

The slide is divided in 3 parts, each one has obstacles created for producing noises on the passage of the ball. We placed 3 contact microphones under each section of the slide and made possible that the noises produced by the balls would trigger either recorded sounds or audio samples from the ableton library.

We then fine-tuned a threshold so that only the louder noises, the ones caused by the ball hitting the obstacles, would activate the sounds. We eventually experimented with voices we recorded, audio samples, background noises and applied various effects such as delay and reverb.

During the process we discovered how augmented sounds can give more power and theatricality to an action and learnt more about the nature of sound and how it can be further integrated into meaningful and desired output.