Faculty: Sha Xin Wei, Chris Wood
April 28th – May 2nd 2014

Interaction Design is not limited to either the visual or the digital, two areas that frequently command a great deal of attention. This experimental workshop sought to explore other areas of interaction experience; the sonic realm, physical touch and texture, the learned cultural meanings and expectations that surround everyday objects.

This was an Intel-sponsored experimental workshop to explore the potential of sound and physical materials to create elegant and surprising theatrical interaction experiences.

Paper was the main material, but there was no limit on how it could be deployed. Non-paper objects can also be used and re-purposed.

Working in teams of 3 the students were tasked with creating and augmenting (via sonification) objects made from paper. Interactive sound was the principal means by which the experience was to be conveyed. Students were also asked to consider touch and texture as well as the ‘staging’ of the objects in relation to each other.

These objects were presented either as a first person interaction experience or a performed scenario. The finished pieces conveyed a sense of magic and surprise using sound as the primary sensory channel.