Shamik Ray

Country: India
Area of Expertise:

After graduating in Design (B.Des) from the Indian Institute of Technology-Guwahati, Shamik worked first as a User Interface Designer in Symantec and then as a Concepts Lead in a gaming and interactive media company.

Prior to that, in his college years he was exposed to all the fundamental disciplines of design like Industrial Design, Visual Communication, New Media etc. and he likes to see them as connected rather than silos. It is this thought that has made him more interested in studying and crafting experiences than just artefacts. He is surely looking forward to a year at CIID to help him do that.

His undergrad thesis was about understanding the inherent grammar of music and the visual arts and then trying to create new urban public spaces which could give rise to collaborative multi-media experiences using mapping techniques. Outside design, his interest lies in music, photography and films which also act as a constant source of inspiration. Being at the intersection of art,design,technology and business gives him quite a kick!

Expertise : UI Design, Interactive Installations, Conceptual Design