Priyanka Kodikal

Country: India

Area of Expertise: Industrial Design, Interaction Design, Photography

Priyanka’s passion for sketching and making led her to pursue a bachelor degree in industrial design in Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology in India and then a master in Umeå Institute of Design Sweden. However, the more she designed the more conscious she became of cognitive perceptions and behaviours towards these products.

Priyanka is curious to understand the subjective emotional relationship between the human and the object, be it intangible or tangible. Her cultural background led her to realise that culture and technology shape each other and not everyone interprets the use of a design the same way. Is it a two way monologue or can we create a meaningful dialogue between a person and the product? She is keen to make meaningful experiences for people through systems and critical thinking.

Learning from her changing cultural environment, Priyanka became curious about the perception of technology and it’s effect on different cultures. Behavioural science, tangible integrated with digital media and affective design are all recurring themes within her interests. She is curious to know what decentralisation and open source will do to the world. She loves to collaborate with different kinds of people because it inspires her to push boundaries.

This is why she loves CIID – you get to make, think and learn with different people with different ideas and perceptions that can give you a better understanding of the world.

Interests: Film, Music, Scuba, Dance, Dosa, Dogs