Pierluigi Dalla Rosa

Country: Italy
Area of Expertise: New Media Engineering

Pierluigi has been deeply passionate about technology since he was a teenager, but his inspiration in the field comes from his strong creativity. He has an MSc in Cinema and Media Engineering; the course, offered by Polytechnic of Turin, is a rich mix between technology tracks, cinema lectures, design, and communication classes. In the university he cultivated a passion for data visualization, interface design, physical computing, and entrepreneurship.

He earned a double degree while attending Alta Scuola Politecnica (www.asp-poli.it), an excellent school held by a joint venture between the Polytechnic of Milan and the one of Turin. Meanwhile, he collaborated with a software agency in which he experimented with new fruitions of 3D space on post-pc devices. After his time in university, he worked in research labs in Italy and in the Silicon Valley.

Pier joined the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design to follow his passion for HCI and ubiquitous computing, and to further deepen his understanding of human-centered design. His goal is to build new tools that give power to communication, art, and ideas. Pierluigi is a passionate sailor and photographer; he loves skiing and cyber-culture, sci-fi novels and poetry.

Website: www.pierdr.com