Niels Christian Konrad Nielsen

Country: Denmark
Area of Expertise:

Ever since Niels was a small child, he has always expressed himself through drawing and sketching, which is why he has a well-developed skill in visualising ideas and concepts. Later on, due to his background as a musician and occasional composer, he has found a way to incorporate audio, be it sound or music into his ways of working with communication design.

These two circumstances have influenced the way Niels works as a designer. He is not afraid to explore and challenge his own notion of aesthetics, and he is putting a lot of energy into playing with new expressions. In Niels’ opinion, aesthetics are related to content, place and time and therefore they should be of a dynamic character rather than static.

As an interaction designer Niels prefer not to constrain himself too much. However he is moving towards working more and more with projects, where audio and video always play a considerable part in the output.

Through his education at Kolding School of Design he has have been introduced to a broad array of what interaction design stands for today. More over, he has a need to search in every new direction and turn every stone in order to get a hint as to where interaction design is heading in the future.