Neha Parekh

Country: India
Area of Expertise:

Neha has always been extremely fond of film, theatre and art. With really no direction, she followed her interests to understand what she would like to do. So, it’s been a sinuous path, but a good ride.

Neha has a Masters in English Literature and then decided to work across different media to explore storytelling with each of them. As she played different roles going from print, film, television and web, she started to think about how she could integrate media with technology and generate new responses.

Neha has worked a lot with young children of different social classes, teaching them basics using short storytelling. She wishes to work in the field of education to develop new ways of imparting knowledge using the fundamentals of interaction design.

Over the last two years, being at a digital agency and working on projects that centered around research, usability, creating responses across media, Neha became curious to know and understand the way to use technology, space, and narrative to let people respond. She loves research, of all kinds.

At CIID, Neha would like to collaborate with students from different backgrounds and learn about interaction design.