Luke Sturgeon

Country: UK
Background: Interaction Design

Luke has been working as an permanent and freelance interaction designer for several years throughout London, UK. His experience and responsibilities include design, art-direction, user experience, creative strategy and implementation.

In 2008, Luke founded and his own London-based design studio Homemade, developing business opportunities and maintaining successful client relationships. He was responsible for all stages of a project’s creative and technical development and would lead teams of designers, developers and technologists to encourage, maintain and support the successful delivery of a range of digital products, services and experiences.

Luke’s commercial work is balanced with charity work, such as responsive installations for children affected by Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC) and his involvement with design groups around the world on digital experiences and exhibitions.

Luke is interested in finding new ways to use technology to design interactions that improve the individual and shared experience; provoking communication and collaboration between people in an open, engaging and innovative way.

Luke’s fascination with new ideas, technology, business and design has allowed him to develop a broad range of skills and experiences. He is always looking for ways to develop these skills, experience and learn new things, and focus on the creation of unique solutions to future problems.