Daniel Mahal

Country: Norway
Area of Expertise:

Daniel biggest interest lies in the intersection between technology and design. Computers and programming is equally engaging to him as art and design. Not being able to figure out what he “wanted to do when he grew up”, he started working with the things he was passionate about. In other words trying to combine interests with work. He spent some years trying to be a graphic designer, morphing into a programmer with emphasis on interaction, aesthetics and usability. He has spent some years in the advertising industry, before co-founding a digital design agency in based in Oslo called Unfold, where he still works.

As his experience is mainly screen-based, he looks forward to exploring other areas of interaction not limited to pixels as well as meeting new people with a wide range of backgrounds. He has always learned by doing, and thinks that a project process should be similar. Learn by doing. An iterative way, where the outcome greatly depends on experimentation, collaboration and experiences learned throughout the process.

Besides the aforementioned he has some interests he hasn’t found a direct way to include in his work (yet), which includes: discussing (in general), films, games (both digital and analog), music and beer.