Bahareh Shahriari

Country: Iran
Background: Fine Arts, Painting and Interior Design

Bahar received her B.S in Fine Arts at University of Teheran, Iran. After graduation, she moved to Italy and participated in two M.A. programs in painting and interior design. She started to study the common elements among architecture, art and design – and her curiosity led her to find the relationship between the technologies, ecology, recycled materials and sustainable visions towards the future.

She began her professional education in interior design, at a private studio at Turin and simultaneously continued her education in the field of web design and multimedia.

Bahar was a graphic designer for an Italian company called “Soluzione Integrate Company” and she has been involved in many projects that required planning, design and development of web advertising, consulting, and training.

She is passionate about art, design and technology. Her two favorite activities are drawing and solving puzzles. She had realised the first part, studying and working on design projects and now she looking forward to realise the second part of her dream; learning and developing her knowledge about creating products and services that address real human needs.