Small Change

Small Change helps you manage and organize your spendings along with your partner or friend through a simple game of Tetris.

The idea behind Small Change began with an initiative to make money management fun and easy for everyone. This application has various tools that helps you keep an eye on your’s and your partner’s spendings at the same time.

The service behind small change is linked to your bank account and credit card, so each swipe of the credit card leads to a brick falling in the Tetris game. This brick can be controlled by you, while your partner in another location can see what you are doing. He or she can later respond when their brick starts to fall.

Together, you get to play the game of Tetris. The aim of the game is to ensure that none of you create a full brick wall, because that would lead to you loosing the game.

Small Change can also help you discuss money issues with your partner more openly. By looking at your spending information you can see your spending trends and can change your spending lifestyle accordingly.

Thinking through video prototyping

During the week we had to explore a low fidelity video before we got to shooting the final video. This helped us chalk out the storyboard and concept better.