Fra Mig Til Dig

Fra mig til dig is a service organized and facilitated by the library. It allows patrons to give and receive personal inspiration at varying levels of engagement.

During our research process – involving interviews, experiments and observations – we identified opportunities for the Copenhagen Main Library to engage with patrons in more meaningful ways. We discovered that most library visitors welcomed the idea of knowledge sharing and displayed curiosity towards the opinions and recommendations of other library visitors. Other insights discuss the idea of the future library setting being that of an open organisation, one capable of keeping the pulse of the local community.

Fra mig til dig, a visitor-to-visitor recommendation system, was designed as an installation where people could review postings and leave their mark through handwritten notes. All contributions are made in the library where visitors can read, submit, and even comment by writing directly on another visitors note. Library staff are responsible for the collection and analysis of visitor recommendations, allowing the library to know about local trends and the opinions and tastes of the patrons.

If a recommended book, film or album is part of the library’s collection, it will automatically appear as part of the library staff’s existing collection routine each morning. The staff place the corresponding recommendation note in the book or on the DVD case and place the item on the Fra mig til dig display. Eventually the locally recommended items will return to the main library shelves where the recommendation can be read by other library patrons.