SUVA: Maintain comfort in your home

SUVA is a responsive indoor home device that responds to changes in temperature, humidity and dust levels to help maintain a comfortable environment in the home. It is modular, scalable and also portable to be able to fluidly move between rooms.

The four-sided device can be placed on a wall or on a flat surface in your home or office. It is fitted with a humidity, dust and temperature sensor, each working independently to reveal any fluctuations in their respective categories. The most comfortable and optimal room environment is visualized when all three “petals” are at the neutral position in the center of the device. Upon any change in environment, the corresponding petals will move away from its neutral centre position, denoting an imbalance in the air qualities measured. This way, one is brought to notice the change and is also called to take informed action by executing the advice imprinted on the device at each ascending air quality level. SUVA visualizes this critical information for you to stay informed about the unseen environmental changes in your space and help you maintain your optimal comfort conditions.

Components: 3 sensors, 1 servo motor, 2 linear potentiometers, lots of code, 1 Arduino Uno.