Net Harp

The brief was to design two kinds of clip-handles for the Human-Harp. These would be used for pulling the harp strings in different directions and to clip the strings on to the body.

After a rapid group brainstorm we started looking at photos of the brooklyn bridge to get inspired. By looking at the nets produced by the tension cables we thought it made sense to use them has the stage for our clips.

Therefore our idea is to create several nets along the bridge (where the tension cables are) and at the pedestrians level with different kinds of clips for them to interact with.

Along with Niels Christian Konrad Nielsen and Takeshi Okahashi, we developed handles and clips and the way they will be used and fast prepared on the spot. We’ve created a clip to hold strings from 2 modules together and clips for the circles to be attached to the net, also thinking about the minimum material waste possible.