This Generative Design project looks at the concept of “place” and how the data that is derived from a place or environment can be given a tangible/visual form. The data in this case is photographs clicked in different places – be it a street, neighbourhood or city with a mobile device.

The question what we posed to ourselves was: How might we give the data in digital photographs a sculptural form? – much like creating a unique souvenir of the place that those photographs represent? We pursued two directions and ended up with two unique sculptural objects:

The first sculpture was a tower of chronologically stacked histogram plates cut out from acrylic. These were derived by running the images through a Processing sketch and generating laser-cut-ready vector patterns. An entire experience can be captured with photographs and can be converted directly into this sculpture via the processing sketch.

The second approach was inspired by some of the odd behaviours of old analog photographs sticking to each other and leaving a trace. We made some explorations by virtually stacking digital images in Processing and writing a few rules to eliminate pixels of  photo base on which image is on top of it. The resulting pixel pattern was magnified and laser etched to create interesting perforated patterns which when put together revealed the original photo.