Seeking hidden objects in our environment, we became aware of the fact that our surroundings were spotted with black holes containing secrets from the unexplored and micro-networks that are not visible at first glance.

On the first day of the course in Experimental Imaging we were briefed to “make the invisible visible”.  We set out to reveal what was concealed and started lighting up small things to photograph them. This led us to seek the unexplored in everyday situations.

Fruits proved to be an inexhaustible category for visual exploration. Back lit macro photographies of texture from grapes, apples, pears, strawberries and more was made possible with a hacked DSLR-camera. Turning around the lens using duct tape as our main material turned out to be a cheap and functional solution for our need to explore objects even closer.

Lastly, we discovered interesting similarities between the organic structures of fruit and silicon circuit boards, which made us explore that further.

– An initial glance of an object might not reveal everything about it
– Much can be achieved with duct tape, creativity and the will to explore and rethink about the camera as a tool