Zubin Pastakia

Country: India
Area of Expertise:
Film, Photography and Cultural Studies

Zubin studied development economics in college and went on to work in film and photography thereafter. His personal photographic work, which has been influenced by contemporary urban theory, has been exhibited in India and other countries. He recently completed a degree in cultural studies before arriving at CIID.

Fascinated by the relationships humans form with technology and the technologically mediated experience, Zubin believes that interaction design has much to contribute to shaping the everyday lives of people. However, to remain relevant as a design domain, perhaps it will have to bring onboard critical concepts beyond mere usability.

Interested in establishing a critical and speculative design practice, Zubin believes that there is much to learn from the near-future science fiction of J.G. Ballard and Philip K. Dick or the theoretical writings of Bruno Latour to understand the complex techno-social everyday landscape that we inhabit and need to design for.

At CIID, Zubin is keen on learning from both faculty and his talented peers and getting a solid grounding in the field of interaction design.

web: http://www.zubinpastakia.com
blog: http://peripheralvision.blogspot.com
twitter: @zubin_pastakia