Ruben van der Vleuten

Country: The Netherlands
Area of Expertise: Industrial/ Medical Design

During his time at school, Ruben was never the pro-active, hard working student. This turned 180 degrees when he started his bachelor degree Industrial Design at the University of Technology, Eindhoven. From the very beginning he had the passion and enthusiasm to create concepts and products with a focus on innovation. His projects ranged from design for children to medical design. Within four years he finished his study including an internship at a Dutch design firm as well as a 6-month exchange program to Sydney.

After graduation, Ruben choose to continue to work in medical design (female healthcare) to enlarge his scope and vision towards design. During this two-year period he developed several products.

At the same time, Ruben developed a passion and curiosity for the implementation of emergent behaviour in product and interaction design. The way of using basic technologies to create complex systems has a lot of potential in a world where we are reaching the limits of centralised controlled systems. This led to the desire to start studying again and to explore new possibilities, meet new people and develop as a designer.