Razan Sadeq

Country: Jordan
Area of Expertise: Interactive Installations

Upon graduating with a degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Jordan, Razan felt compelled to follow her thirst for a more artistic and creative outlet. She landed an internship in Berlin, where she first discovered Interaction Design. Having realised the importance of this field where the possibility for creative outcomes exist, Razan spent much of the following two years working on individual and collaborative projects on Interaction Design.

Razan believes that good design plays a significant role in enhancing the user experience. Her work not only focuses on delivering the system functionality, but enhancing it with colourful expereinces that bring a smile. Many of Razan’s projects have a playful and humorous elements that inpire positive behaviour and productivity.

Eager to join a community of specialists from diverse backgrounds, Razan enrolled at CIID to develop her conceptual thinking, and enhance her skills to collaborate effectively with interaction designers.

Personally, Razan is an articulate person who loves to share her ideas with friends and colleagues, and is an essential player in projects that involve team work. She is a social engineer who appreciates making new friends and staying in touch with professional connections. She believes this is an important skill that is required by an interaction designer who is interested particularly in user behaviour and establishing new business ventures.

Razan’s Portfolio: http://www.razsadeq.com