Momo Miyazaki

Country: USA
Expertise: Studio Art (Jewelry and Metalsmithing)

Momo received her BS in Studio Art (with a concentration in Jewelry and Metalsmithing) from Skidmore College. She first discovered interaction design in the form of a service design course while studying at the Glasgow School of Art.

Momo fell in love with interaction design because it encompasses a little bit of many disciplines, allowing multifaceted exploration into how people relate to themselves, others, objects and the environment. She is excited by the potential it has to holistically create and rebuild services and the products within them. Momo believes that working in collaborative environments, like CIID, is the key to accessing the full potential of the design process.

Momo is looking forward to filling her future with listening to peoples’ stories, fun(ny) brainstorms, and all kinds of prototyping. After lots of experimentation with various physical materials, she is excited to also take on the intangible – ultimately designing beautiful experiences and meaningful interactions. She will never stop crafting with her hands, loving details, eating snacks, and making puns.