Manas Karambelkar

Country: India
Area of Expertise: Industrial/Product Design

During his B.Des. course in the Product Design at Symbiosis Institute of Design, Manas developed an avid interest in electronic products, as he understood that design is driven by new technological developments in materials and manufacturing. Vice-versa the technological advancements were driven by design presenting a better future.

Manas realised that the users’ experience of the product is highly dependent of the physical or digital interaction they have with the product. They are like body and soul, which cannot be separated. Due to this, he decided to join CIID.

By gaining knowledge in Interaction Design, he will not have to restrict his design and research skills to create form, function, manufacturing, colour and finish of the product but he can take the products to completion by designing appropriate physical and digital interfaces, to achieve harmony in the physical and interactive aspect of the products, giving them distinct identity and personality.