Martin Malthe Borch

Country: Denmark
Area of Expertise: Biological Engineering

Look up. How much living biology can you see right now? Only a house plant? We are biology, and at CIID, Martin is working to integrate the complexity and evolutionary capability of living biology, plants, bacteria and microalgae in design and architecture. He researches and plays with the possibilities of biology in interaction and experience design. We could have bioluminating microalgae tubes in walls and ceilings, living lampshades of lichen that change shape and colour with the season. The self replicating capacity of biology further adds new aspects to sharing of design.

Martin discovers new opportunities through learning by doing, always wondering, asking critical questions and having fun. He believes the future holds a big potential for open source business models and innovation by making natural science relevant and accessible through an user oriented design approach.

He has a Master degree in Biological Engineering from DTU, specialized in bioreactor engineering and sustainable biorefinery processes. He’s a board member of the Copenhagen makerspace and co-founded – an open space for citizen science in biology. He’s also in the steering comity of “Energihøjskolen” the first Danish folk high school based on natural science.