Kenneth Aleksander Robertsen

Area of Expertise: Industrial Design, Visual Communication

Kenneth was originally trained as an industrial and graphic designer working with projects spanning from branding to medical, interior and consumer products. Before joining the Interaction Design Programme at CIID, Kenneth earned his BA in Industrial Design from The Oslo School of Architecture and Design as well as the China Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing.

His creative process is powered by building, testing and building again, both physical and digital artifacts as well as more intangible experiences. His passion for giving users innovative and enhanced experiences from the increasing amount of technology we are surrounded by every day, with a human-centered perspective, is what led Kenneth to become an interaction and service designer.

Kenneth believes that the act of designing simple and effective solutions come from a complex process. In order to achieve such a goal one needs to gain profound insights into both the user and the context.

He strives to design future-minded products and experiences grounded in the Scandinavian design heritage and philosophy to create lean, simple and humble human-centered user experiences, and their aesthetics, spanning multiple design disciplines.