Katie Kindinger

Country: US
Area of Expertise: Motion Graphics

Even as a young girl, Katie loved music, art and design. Her imagination was swept away when she realized what she could build with duct-tape and cardboard boxes. As she grew older, Katie realized she wanted to work in a field that was hands-on and would combine these interests.

Katie recently finished her undergraduate degree at Concordia University Wisconsin with cooperative classes also taken at Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. She earned a B.A. in motion graphics, has a minor in art and a second minor in computer science. Her projects have included motion, print, photography, and sound design, but the projects she is most proud of are her interactive projects.

Most recently, Katie has been working with a mobile app development start-up, creating websites and graphical interfaces. She realizes what an exciting time in history it is to be a part of design and technology and is eager to see what the future holds.