Inbal Lieblich

Country: Israel
Area of Expertise:
Costume and set design, fashion design, interior and exhibition design

Inbal began her professional education in interior design, at a private studio run by two architects. There she received valuable experience. She went on to graduate with a B.Des in Fashion Design from Shenkar College of Art, Design, and Engineering. During and after her studies she interned at Adidas (Germany) and WGSN (UK).

Since graduating, she has been working as a freelance designer in Tel-Aviv, Israel. She has designed costumes and sets for several renowned choreographers, acclaimed theatre directors, and visual artists. She has also created unique window displays for chain and boutique stores.

Inbal runs a private clothing label called & Me, in which she customises recycled clothes. The name derives from the idea of “cooperating” with established labels. The original label is not removed and is displayed alongside her own embroidered signature.

Her interests lie in the way people explore space and objects in both spiritual and functional ways, and how designed, manufactured realities compel them to experience differently.

Inbal believes that people want to extend their daily encounter with interactive technology and to reclaim their sense of wonder, seeking to prolong the magic.