Dor Levi

Country: Israel
Area of Expertise:

Dor was born in Israel (1985) and has been glued to some sort of a computer since he can remember. Growing up, Dor was known as the “school geek”, always talking about computers and “weird music”. During his high-school studies he started to work in various dot-com projects and started to collect vinyl and playing in clubs (a passion which has turned into a second profession).

After mandatory army service he joined Mercury Interactive which was later purchased by HP Software. Shortly after that, Dor relocated to Berlin in order to facilitate change and open up to new platforms. He continued working in the IT sector as a consultant as well as Djing, making music and starting a music label.

Some call him a DJ, others would call him an IT Engineer. Both might be true but leave him without definition. This split personality seems to influence his own aesthetic experience. He often feels that in the expression of everything he consumes there are, at times, two elements or emotions that seem to be closely related but lack the language to connect. This is not always the case but when it is, he is inclined, through technology, design or his own language, to find a way to bridge or contrast this divide. This duality is the driving force of his creativity, combined with his natural curiosity to tweak and question the functionality of design.