Andrew Spitz

Country: France | South Africa
Area of Expertise: Sound Design | Interactive Installations

Andrew’s background is in sound design. He worked as a sound effects recordist and editor on feature films and commercials. His sound effects have been used in films such as the Hangover 2,and Danish film 10 timer til Paradis (Teddy Bear). He is also a location recordist on commercials and documentaries.

As an interaction designer, many of Andrew’s projects have focused on the social aspect of sound. He developed Tweet a Sound, which allows users to design a synth sound and share it on Twitter. He has worked on commercial installations for clients such as BMW and South African Breweries. He was a part-time lecturer in interactive programming using Max/MSP and has given sound design and Max/MSP workshops at various universities around South Africa.

It’s hard putting a journey into words, but you can check out his visual bio and timeline view
of his life here.

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