Andrew Nip

Country: Canada
Area of Expertise: User Testing, User Interfaces

Prior to arriving at Copenhagen to complete the CIID IDP, Andrew completed his first bachelor’s degree at Simon Fraser University in Geography and studies in Sociology. Afterwards, he worked for a non-profit legal education organization where he acquired an appreciation to the issues around education of complex material.

After working there for a number of years, Andrew realized that he needed to find a more creative outlet for his ideas and interests. He returned to school to Simon Fraser University’s School of Interactive Arts + Technology, where he was first exposed to the potential of interaction design and how it can discover design opportunities through the convergence of people, art and technology.

He believes that interaction design should be engaging and resonate with those who interact with the product, service, installation – whatever the medium is. His current areas of interests include collaborative consumption, knowledge sharing and service design. But those will probably change; visit to see what he’s up to.