is a friendly service that connects people to enable them to share Copenhagen’s backyards and other communal spaces.

A close observation of Copenhagen’s urban infrastructure reveals that the city’s residential spaces consist of closed communal backyards that provide residents with access to such amenities as garbage, laundry, storage, and bike parking. The goal of is to formalize the way Copenhageners connect through such shared physical spaces with a platform that streamlines communication within neighbourhoods and optimizes the use of resources in a communal space.

The residents may join their backyard community by receiving a branded card in the mail, which provides them with a unique code linking them to their private backyard community. By entering their code on the website, the visitor may preview the discussions happening in their own backyard and, if so desired, join the community by creating a personal profile. discussions are conducted through standardized categories, such as laundry, bicycles, furniture, or cleaning, that allow neighbours to easily identify and join discussions that are relevant to them. For example, residents can easily dispose of unused furniture by posting photos of the item and specifying where in the backyard the item can be picked up.

Creating a platform formalizing the infrastructure of Copenhagen’s communal spaces creates further opportunities for streamlining the use of residential utilities, taking inventories of storage and furniture items, and simplifying communication between management and residents. For example, the interface can include a tracker for laundry use, which would automatically notify residents of the availability of laundry machines.

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