This project connects two Copenhagen neighbourhoods using the old maritime technology of SignalLamps, combined with the modern network layer of twitter messages.

The aim of this urban intervention was to connect the two sides of the harbour, that are geographically close but still feel disconnected. Furthermore, it showcases how communication between remote locations was achieved in the past, in the context of Copenhagen’s maritime culture.

The installation has a graphical user interface to allow users to type their message. An Arduino translates the message into Morse code and transmits the signals using old maritime lamps. The same interface is placed on the receiving side, which serves to decode and display the messages.

Each of the two SignalLamps has its own twitter account so people can follow the conversations between the two harbour sides online. Users from around the world can also use twitter to send a new Morse code-message by an @reply to one of the Copenhagen SignalLamps and broadcast their message into the harbor.

#CPHsignals is a fully functional prototype and was successful in provoking interactions between the two sides when exhibited in the Copenhagen harbor. The SignalLamps were kindly sponsored by maritime-antiques.dk.