TripKit helps you organize and enjoy road trips with friends and friends of friends.

TripKit provides a complete array of tools that allows for planning the trip, organizing the needs, and en route navigation and communication. The service consists of a web platform, a mobile app, and an in-car app that work together to support and engage travelers through every step of the way to their destination and back.

Planning a trip
Road trips are about exploring places and meeting new people, and so TripKit extends your travel connections to friends of friends that share your interest in travel, making your road trips more unexpected and engaging. It does so by connecting with your immediate network of friends and finding others in their social circle that share similar interests with you or that may be able to fulfill a specific trip need, such as a tent or a car.

To add another level of spontaneity, planners have the option to view TripKit suggestions that are based on a budget range. The option to view suggestions within your estimated trip budget simplifies the planning process by eliminating the step of calculating total trip costs for a specific destination.

However, travelers also have the option to create an event without suggesting a time or a destination, leaving it up to others to vote on the time and destination of the trip. This feature offers an extra level of flexibility that caters to the availability of other travelers.

En route navigation and communication
TripKit is built for the near future of car apps, therefore, during the journey the service can be accessed from the car’s dashboard. Information about the journey and travellers are automatically transferred to the car app.

At this point, TripKit helps travellers navigate to the destination. If more than one car is used, TripKit can be used to keep track of other cars’ location and communicate easily with one another.

Photos and videos taken during the trip can be easily shared to TripKit to be saved in the trip’s journal.

Post trip journal
TripKit creates a visually-rich trip journal using the data used during the planning phase and the journey itself, such as the destination, participants, description, and route taken. The service aggregates photos and videos taken by all participants and places them on the route based on their geotagged location, creating a pleasant interactive journal to save memories and share them with friends and family.

Experience Prototype
The team simulated the service by planning a trip using email and a Facebook event. This was followed by an actual trip to Amager the beach where iPads were used to represent the car’s dashboard. Below is a video of the experience prototype session and user feedback about the service.