CarSense is a service layer for existing car sharing services to help encourage fuel efficiency by encouraging small incremental changes in people’s driving behaviour. By altering people’s driving behaviours, improvements can be made towards fuel efficiency as well as extending the life of the vehicle.

This is accomplished through a combination of feedback given to the driver as they are driving, but also through a points system that can be applied towards driver benefits, such as reduced fuel costs or a decreased rate when taking out a car.

With a growing trend towards collaborative consumption and away from actual car ownership, the car sharing services seemed like an ideal space to design for. With different (almost competing) models in the shared car space, it also gave us a good business challenge to work on. We talked to people who used these services and also with people with various levels of driving experience.

To get a better picture of how we could bring about a behaviour change, we carried out a few research probes to gauge how incentives worked in this space. In these probes we also tried to ascertain change when there is social angle, for example, how the introduction of a ‘leader-board’ affected behavior change.