ModaLamp is a multifunctional lamp which has three different working modes, adding value to the object when it is not serving the purpose of a lamp.

Lamp mode : White / Yellow ambient light. The brightness is adjusted by holding and moving the hand at particular distance from the bottom of the lamp.

Clock mode : When the lamp is not used for its primary purpose it can be used as a wall clock. The colour of the lamp changes according to the time of the day.

Thermometer mode : The mode displays the room temperature relative to 22 degrees as the standard room temperature. Turning red as the temperature rises and turning blue as it lowers.

At the heart of the lamp there lies an Arduino Mega connected to two chains of LEDs and various sensors. The thermometer utilised the LEDs to display the current room temperature sensed by a temprature sensor attached to the arduino. One of the two IR distance sensors were used to control the intensity of the light in the lamp mode, the other was used to toggle between modes.