Museum Trails

Museum Trails helps create a better experience for groups and families visiting museums. Users in a group are given group tickets, each ticket tracking that particular member. A user will be able to locate group members by inserting their ticket at kiosks (which could double as information booths), allowing members to move freely about the museum.

Museum visitors can also instead use a smartphone app in which users can scan the museum space, showing footprints of where other members from their group have been using augmented reality. In this way, the user does not need to know exactly where the member is, but has a general idea of the direction the member has walked in.


To begin our process, five interviews were conducted to learn about the experience people have at museums in Copenhagen. We interviewed students, mothers, museum aficionados and also museum staff. In addition, Three field observations at local museums took place to observe people and groups.

From our insights, we learned that communication between members of a visiting group was a stressful processes. Groups and families visiting museums tend to get separated and it often gets frustrating to regroup. We decided to focus on solving this issue to create a more successful museum experience.

A few additional interviews were conducted to get feedback about our concepts. From these discussions we learned some pros and cons to our ideas. For those who had children, the idea to track group members was appealing. Others we talked to had concerns about being tracked.

This led us to seek after a solution that was simple, kid friendly and at the same time did not take members away from the museum experience.