Museum Conversations

Fascinated by our initial findings, about how people use places of culture for different purposes and how familiarity and closeness to the content shapes and influences the viewer’s choices and experience of their visit, we worked towards finding ways to make the museum going experience approachable to more people by engaging both parties in a conversation through the exhibits.

The initial findings were arrived upon through some quick guerilla interviews at museums and some in depth one on one sessions elsewhere. Much of our interviewees happened to be avid museum goers and so we were always trying to know what got these people excited and engaged to keep coming back again and again and their perspectives on the role of museums in the cultural life of the city today.

After quickly coming up with several small concepts influenced by the insights we gained from the interviews, we developed a couple of the best concepts into rapid prototypes around which we could engage in conversation with people at the museum and some of our previous interviewees.

The co-creation sessions, as well as the interviews and discussions to gain insights were mostly a learning experience for us to understand the process more than focus on a final well designed deliverable. Keeping the interviewee engaged with the concept, being able to clearly communicate the ideas while still keeping room for their imagination, expectation and also criticism were very challenging and stimulating.

The process of our research, key findings and activities were finally presented for discussion.